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Respected Southern Maryland Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Lawyers

The AV rated law firm of Cumberland & Erly, LLC in Prince Frederick, Maryland assists individuals and businesses in personal injury and workers' compensation matters. Our attorneys have broad experience handling legal issues related to accidents and injuries, and can help you assert your rights and interests if you have been injured or if you have been accused of causing or contributing to an injury.

Asserting Clients' Rights in Personal Injury Matters

Personal injury claims generally involve allegations of a wrong or damage to another person's physical health, rights, reputation, or property, and may be based on a theory of negligence, recklessness, or misconduct. Circumstances and incidents that frequently give rise to personal injury claims include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Dangerous premises
  • Defectively designed, manufactured, or marketed consumer products
  • Animal attacks and dog bites
  • Construction accidents
  • Professional or medical malpractice
  • Elder abuse and neglect
  • Infliction of emotional distress
  • Defamation or damage to a person's reputation
  • Water accidents such as boat and jet ski accidents

At Cumberland & Erly, LLC, we have experience prosecuting and defending personal injury matters, always working to assert our clients' rights and interests and ensure that our clients come out of legal proceedings in the best financial position possible.

Calvert County Workers' Compensation Lawyers

After sustaining an on-the-job injury, it is necessary for employees to navigate the Maryland workers' compensation system in order to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and other resulting expenses. Workers' compensation attorney from Cumberland & Erly, LLC can greatly facilitate the recovery process, and ensure that you receive the money you need to support yourself and your family until you may return to work. We also assist employers in workers' compensation matters.

If a work-related injury was caused by someone other than an employer or coworker, an injury victim may pursue a personal injury claim against potentially at-fault parties, such as product and equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and independent contractors. Our attorneys have experience prosecuting and defending third-party personal injury claims.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Personal Injury & Workers' Comp Attorney after an Accident

If you need legal assistance with a personal injury or workers' compensation matter in southern Maryland, please contact Cumberland & Erly, LLC for a complimentary consultation with one of our attorneys. Our firm is committed to providing strong advice and exceptional representation to our clients.