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Cumberland & Erly, LLC is qualified to represent construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, homeowners, and residential and commercial property owners in all manner of construction litigation. Attorneys from our firm have served clients in southern Maryland for more than three decades, and know the local construction market and industry.

Helping Clients throughout Southern Maryland Protect Work & Property Investments

At some point, nearly everyone becomes involved in a construction project. For some, it is remodeling or building a home, for others it may be building or renovating a business, and for many in southern Maryland, construction is a livelihood. Unfortunately, however, not every project will proceed or conclude as people hope and expect. In some cases, construction litigation may ensue if a party's mistake or improper conduct caused or contributed to the problem. Our lawyers are qualified to represent clients in construction litigation involving:

  • Construction defect claims arising from poor design, building code violations, water intrusion, faulty wiring, and other issues
  • Construction contract disputes regarding payment and performance issues
  • Breach of warranty
  • Enforcing or disputing mechanics' liens (sometimes referred as contractors' liens or construction liens)
  • Collections
  • Change orders and cost overruns
  • Negligence cases involving below standard workmanship
  • Fraud cases involving misrepresentations of quality and/or deceptive trade practices
  • Environment defense and defense of actions brought by governmental agencies such as MDE for runoff violations and critical areas violations

Construction litigation can be very complex. Multiple parties, ranging from subcontractors to renters, may have an interest in the outcome of a dispute, and construction professionals generally have insurance carriers that may also become involved in a controversy. In many cases, the very nature of the construction industry, which requires contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to rely on each other's work product, makes it difficult to determine who is responsible for a mistake.

While these cases are complicated, and require intensive legal work and research, time is often of the essence, as litigation can interfere not only with the project at hand, but also with future projects and plans. Also, laws and regulations may impose restrictions on when and how claims can be filed. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and acumen to resolve disputes as smoothly and as quickly as possible, while resolutely asserting our clients' rights.

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If you or your business faces construction-related litigation in Calvert, Charles, or St. Mary's County, please contact Cumberland & Erly, LLC for a complimentary consultation addressing your legal concern. Should you become our client, we will work to resolve your conflict swiftly and always in your best interests.