Cumberland & Erly, LLC


“Mr. Erly is a consummate law professional. He utilized all law tactics to achieve a desired result.”

“...Mr. Erly clearly is experienced and one of the best lawyers in Maryland”

“The professionalism of Mr. Erly was impeccable. During court proceedings it was clearly evident that Mr. Erly was experienced in all facets as a law professional.”


“We were treated seriously and respectfully.  I liked Mr. Cumberland’s honesty and his candid explanations about wills vs. trusts.  I appreciate that he was responsive to our concerns."

“Appointments were easy to make, punctually kept, work accomplished in a timely manner and phone calls answered/returned quickly and informatively.”

What thing or things did Cumberland & Erly, LLC do well?


“Availability, there is nothing worse than being worried about a legal matter and not being able to talk to your attorney so you can calm your fears.  It is reassuring to be
treated as if your questions deserve a considerate response.”

“Explaining, cut and dry answers, no-nonsense explanations and definitions.  Feeling knowledgeable and informed makes a happy client.”

“Timeliness with appointments and producing documents.”

“Reasonable fees.”

I want to share with you, that although the circumstances in which we were confronted with that brought us to your law firm, were unfortunate (that’s saying it mildly as a parent) and unpleasant…I am grateful that it brought us to your doors. I simply feel that my son and I could not have asked for better representation, competence, understanding nor a better quality of people to have had assist us through this ordeal.”

“With sincerity, your office ranks in my humble opinion, as one of the best in the area with competence, integrity, understanding and compassion. People often say that the best form of advertising is word of mouth shared from a positive experience and I can assure you that when given the chance, I do that very thing with your firm. I share the experience I had with your firm and the pleasure of working with Robyn Riddle. Her integrity, knowledge of the law and the way in which she handled my son’s case impressed me to no end. Her ability to connect to people is amazing and not everyone has the gift of being able to do that. She is definitely an asset to your firm.”

“Thank you again for a job well done and an office well run!”

From divorce to resolving financial matters, Cumberland & Erly have always gone above and beyond to assist me and have given me the confidence I need to pursue my legal rights. I would recommend Mr. Larry Cumberland and Ms. Amy St.Hilaire to anyone in need of a strong willed, dedicated person to assist in your pursuit of obtaining justice on your behalf.”

“I have retained the services of Cumberland & Erly several times over the past years and have always been extremely satisfied with the results. The customer service is
outstanding. I plan to use their services again, if needed, in the future.”

“I want to thank you for giving my case to Robyn Riddle. She is not only an attractive and professional looking lady, but also a skilled and proficient lawyer. I felt very comfortable with her representation. Hopefully I will not need counsel on any future visits to Maryland, but if need be I will defiantly contact Ms. Riddle.”

“Without any hesitation I recommend the law firm of Cumberland & Erly. The absolutely brilliant legal strategy of Ms. Robyn Riddle left no one in that courtroom doubting that the defendant was not guilty. I’m also convinced that this kind of success is not within the reach of many other lawyers. I have been a client of Cumberland & Erly since 1988.”

"Mr. Erly:  Today you helped me greatly, words can barely describe your magic in the court room.  I am without a doubt impressed with your ability to tackle any situation.  Thank you so much for your presence and services!  Not only did you win my case, you made me feel comfortable in the whole process.  You and your staff will have my complete business if anything were ever to arise again.  I can't thank you enough.  You, Mr. Erly, are the most professional lawyer I've every encountered.  I couldn't be more pleased!  Thank you from your new friend."

"John:  Hearty thanks and congratulations to you on the excellent result you obtained for [client] today. Your steady yet firm hand in dealing not only with the issues but with quite a fragile client was most appreciated. Having supported [client] through her challenges the last several years I know this was not easy and indeed trying at times. As we approached the trial, your candor and confidence allowed her to maintain at least a semblance of confidence herself, although you and I know she was not feeling it in the weeks approaching the trial.

I told [client] while we were waiting that one never knows what will happen in a trial, I told her afterward that we were fortunate that the officer and the prosecutor were not prepared as they should have been, but more importantly, I made it clear to her that not every attorney would recognize and take advantage of this situation as you did. As I advised her, that includes not only raising the issue, but having the experience and knowledge not to open the door such that the officer could be qualified. You were simply superb.

I know this case was winnable, but at best it was 50/50. I am gratified that we put her in the hands of qualified, experienced and competent counsel, whose expertise carried the day. If ever I can refer another case to you or the firm, I will do so without hesitation.

Again, many thanks."